Author: Emily Pilat

No Girls Allowed: Can Comic Stores be Safe Spaces?

Within the pages of comics readers have happily noticed the positive shift towards inclusion and representation for women and minorities. Readers and publishers are beginning to pay attention to their audiences requests to be reflective of the world today through their characters and by the artists producing comics as well. So why are the venues where these representative comics are sold still set in the misogynist… Read more →

Zombies Best Dressed in Black and White

Season six of The Walking Dead kicked off on AMC this past Sunday, and fans were greeted to (slight) SPOILER ALERT: unquestionably the biggest horde of zombies to date, as well as buzz worthy black and white sequences juxtaposing up against the series typical color format. This unique shift in the show’s typical form was used to indicate past and present occurrences… Read more →

The Incredible Oversaturation of Superheroes

In 2004 there were five notable comic book superhero films, Spider-Man 2, Blade: Trinity, Catwoman, The Punisher, and Hellboy, as well as one original superhero-inspired film that made far bigger waves than its comic book counterparts, The Incredibles. The Pixar film became a near instant classic to kids and adults alike in hero film flair, soaring in reviews and box office earnings. From… Read more →