Author: edreher

More Than A Hue

Asterios Polyp is all about style, but one of its most effectual techniques for me is its use of color. The colors chosen, as well as the shades and intensity chosen within the color, show a lot of thought put into them by the artist (and writer), David Mazzucchelli. The book uses blue, purple, yellow and red, plus the white… Read more →

References, References Everywhere!

What’s one thing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Mike Carey and Peter Gross’s The Unwritten have in common? A not-so-subtle list of book recommendations. Sandman and The Unwritten are packed with references to important literary works, stressing the weight those stories carry.  Both Sandman and Unwritten have heavy themes of the importance of stories and literature, and the place of high… Read more →

Something Borrowed

Comic artists have been dramatically impacted by the internet in what they draw, how they present it, and how they interact with their viewers and readers. Art sites, personal websites and blogs have opened doors for artists, professional and unprofessional alike, to share all sorts of comics with readers. One popular style of comic which really thrives online is the… Read more →

Something Old, Something New

With Superman, Iron Man, the X Men and Thor all coming out with new movies in 2013, it’s easy to say adapting comics and graphic novels into movies is a big trend. The adaptation to a different medium, in this case film, takes away some of the unique elements of comics (thought bubbles just can’t do it), but in exchange… Read more →