Author: edavenport

10 Seconds or Less

One of the things that we did in class this past week, was give PowerPoint presentations on our comics.  However, we were only given ten seconds to present the information on each slide. At first I was excited about this because I am not one for public speaking, but once I started to think about it more, I realized that… Read more →

So you’re thinking about making a comic?

Through working on the webcomic project assigned in class, I began thinking about the different order in which comics are written/drawn and whether working with a group or individually would be a better creative process. Writing first then drawing: This is what my group has decided on doing for the next few weeks while we create our webcomic, and it… Read more →

What is a reflection?

For the past few weeks we have been working through the text/picture book of “What it is?” Through this discussion I’ve noticed the similarities between everyone’s thought process.  Even though at times this graphic novel has come close to giving me nightmares with it’s dark pictures, none of the images actually gave me an uneasy feeling.  I mentioned in class… Read more →

Where are the Confident Villains?

Although there are many criticisms existing about the Disney franchise, they certainly got one thing right: confident villains. I would challenge the reader to find a Disney movie in which the evil step-mother, witch, misguided townsmen, or any of the other villains questioned their motives. In class there was an off-handed comment regarding how the villain in Watchmen was unsure… Read more →

The Week of Watchmen

The past week in class we have been discussing up to chapter seven in the graphic novel “Watchemen.” We specifically discussed the historical and meta aspects of the comic, how this offers commentary on comics in general and also overflowing commentary from different story lines.  I think that for first time readers this graphic novel can seem overwhelming, especially if… Read more →