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Seen and not…Read?

When it comes to writing – short stories, poems, books – I’ve never had an issue with creating my characters, building my plot, imagining a setting. With this web comic, though, that was surprisingly difficult. With this, not only did I have to help create an entire story, but I had to use something other than words – art. Which… Read more →

Importance of Words

The web comic project we’ve been working over the last couple of weeks made me begin to question the use of words in a comic, and how they come into play. My role in this project was helping decide on the script and where in the comic the words should go. A quick Google search on the purpose of text in… Read more →

Irresistibly Enthralling

I read this entire book in about an hour because I literally could not put it down. Ever since finishing it, I’ve been trying to figure out what about it was so enthralling. While the art was different than what we’ve read so far, there was something more that drew me in. I honestly don’t even now if I really… Read more →

To Panel, or not to Panel?

Our most recent readings in class have led to me wonder about the structure of graphic novels and whether or not that structure even exists. I mean, compare these two pictures, one from What It Is, the other a Garfield comic strip. One is extremely structured and has a regulated, paneled structure, while the other is kind of all over… Read more →

Explosions or Aliens?

Something that I found very interesting about Watchmen, the book was the ending. Watchmen, the movie, is one of my favorite movies, so it’s to be expected that the ending of the novel surprised me. I knew it had a different ending, but I didn’t know what it was. The movie ends with Adrian tricking the world into believing that… Read more →

Too Far?

While reading Contract with God, I was struck by the intense sexuality shown in it. After thinking about it for a while, I asked myself, where’s the line? At what point do graphic novels go too far? Can they?? To answer this question, I decided to look at A Contract with God, particularly The Super and the girl. The biggest… Read more →

Read, Chuckle, Repeat

While what we read this week was definitely entertaining, it was very, very repetitive. Maybe that was because these were meant to be read as a daily thing rather than in bunches at once, which in that case, would have made them much more fun. But dreary repetition was found even in stories as simple as Obadiah Oldbuck, which eventually… Read more →

Color; or, Lack Thereof

When it comes to graphic novels, something that always seemed incredibly striking to me was the amount of color being thrown into your face. I mean, look at this cover of a classic Superman comic: So much color that the fact that Superman is literally breaking chains kind of gets away from the viewer. You’re drawn to the giant, white number one,… Read more →