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Keeping the Flame Alive: Avatar’s Graphic Novel Series

From 2005 to 2008, one show was dominate in the cartoon world. Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender was a huge commercial success and critically acclaimed children’s show winning multiple awards and gaining a huge following as the show progressed. It was praised for it’s deep themes, intense action, and beautiful hand drawn artwork that far exceeded most children and adult… Read more →

One Last Hoorah

As our Final Project donned upon us, I began to reminisce about this past semester studying comics, graphic novels, comic art, and all of visual literature. Being my first class involving this information I have to say the first couple weeks were very challenging. Will Eisner’s A Contract with God  threw me out of sorts for sure. It’s complex narrative… Read more →

Single Panel Comics Have Rights Too!!!

A few weeks ago in class, we discussed Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and how it could give us some definitions and basic rules to follow when reading comics and looking for interpretive language to help in our quest to figure out what comics are. What we concluded is that single panel comics such as Family Circus, are not considered comics but… Read more →

Creating Our Social Butterfly

As many readers of this site and fellow students of the class know, for the past week we have been creating and uploading our own webcomics to Mary Washicomics (link at the end of this reflection). This process has been really entertaining, interesting, and really enjoyable from a work stand point and also from a creative standpoint. I have mentioned… Read more →

What It Is?…Or What It Isn’t?

This past week our class discussed What It Is? by Lynda Berry and did the first two activities in the book to start some great class discussions. These activities although different and unique, as they go into detail on learning how to write and draw comics, really provoked not only great conversations in class but some really interesting personal thoughts. The one… Read more →

A Contract With Relgion

This past week, our class has been dealing with Will Eisner’s A Contract with God and how its role as the first “graphic novel” by name changed literature. We dealt with character development, whether good or evil can be seen in certain characters, and the artistic direction and effort made by Eisner to showcase his thoughts and visualization of the Bronx and… Read more →

Access Granted!: The Internet and Webcomics

I would not consider myself much of a comic book or graphic novel enthusiast. In fact, before this class I had technically never read an entire comic book or graphic novel. I have seen snippets of Watchmen and some of The Walking Dead, but where I have read comics is in newspapers and online. These short yet hilarious works on the Internet… Read more →