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The Comics Code Authority: Rise, Resistance, and Downfall

(Warning: the links concerning underground comics, while informative, contain graphic images related to sex and drugs. If this makes you uncomfortable, then DO NOT click the provided links. However, no such images have been reproduced on this blog post, so I suggest you at least read what I’ve written. Enjoy). All forms of media have had their detractors. Video games… Read more →

Future Diary and Leviathan – Philosophy turned Deadly

(Disclaimer: the following article likely contains spoilers pertaining to Future Diary. If you don’t want anything spoiled for you, either turn back now, find a way to read the series first cough cough use a scanlation site cough cough, or watch several hours of terrible television after reading the article to ensure the proper memory suppression. Other than that, enjoy). The… Read more →

Subnormality: Multitudes of Style

Winston Rowntree’s SUBNORMALITY! is a web comic which deals with social, cultural, or even political dilemmas, either humorously or dramatically. However, Rowntree’s comics are most notable in how they play with both visual and textual styles to either impart a message or tell a story. While some things remain constant, such as the art style, elements such as panel count, the use… Read more →

Sprite Comics: The Unspoken Medium

If you were ever a fan of Mega Man, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Bionicle, or Sonic the Hedgehog (especially Sonic the Hedgehog), then you’ve probably run across a sprite comic or two. Although most sprite comics come across as low-quality fanfic material, this variation of the web comic carries its own history and nuances. For those not in the know, “sprites”… Read more →