Author: ddrury

Female Thor and the Ms. Male Character

Much is made of the lack of well thought out female heroes in comics these days. While Marvel and DC have attempted to bring female heroes into the limelight as of late, the implementation, in my opinion, has been subpar. Marvel made a lot of noise about its new female Thor comic series but I was skeptical from the beginning.… Read more →

Battle of Gods: Goku v Superman

East vs. West. Saiyan vs. Kryptonian. For many reasons this seems to be the most popular fictional battle of heroes for fans of both Western comics and Japanese manga. One search for “Goku vs. Superman” on the internet will lead you to a seemingly endless amount of threads on comic book forums discussing the fictional clash of titans. It makes… Read more →

The Trouble with Omnipotent Characters

  Graphic novels often feature protagonists and other characters capable of performing godlike feats beyond human comprehension. While these characters are certainly impressive to behold, they can also cause a graphic novel to succumb to certain narrative pitfalls. After all, if a character is all-powerful and cannot be defeated how can there be any sense of urgency to the story?… Read more →

Dissassembly: Persepolis

This panel is taken from Persepolis, an autobiographical graphic novel written by Marjane Satrapi depicting her childhood growing up in Iran. The graphic novel takes place as she grows up during the Islamic revolution in Iran. In this particular scene the veil was made mandatory for all girls in Iran to wear to school. A constant theme throughout Persepolis is… Read more →