Author: Mamoru Fuun

Of Monkey Kings And Holy Men

Journey to the West is one of the four great classical novels of Chinese literature. The story is a fictionalized interpretation of the journey made by the real life monk Tang Sanzang, depicting his pilgrimage from China to India in order to obtain the sacred Buddhist scriptures. Helping the monk on his journey are his three troublesome disciples: Sun Wukong… Read more →

The Hair Makes the Character

The manga art style is known for being highly stylized and unique. One could discuss for hours about any number of drawing techniques that is used by this highly inventive medium. However one physical feature stands above the rest, being the most stylized and detailed in both manga and anime characters alike, that being the crazily unique hair styles. Manga/anime… Read more →

Scanlators: Robin Hoods of fandom

The growth of the manga industry has lead to a rather interesting trend, in the efforts to spread their favorite works to as many people possible the most die-hard and loyal fans have taken upon the roles of scanlators (scanner/translator). To give a more precise definition, a scanlator is an individual or more commonly an entire group of people who… Read more →