Author: Danny Pres

Visual Language of Manga

Ever since we talked about paneling in class and we worked on our own webcomics, I’ve been really interested in how panels and speech bubbles can change a reader’s experience. I even wrote a post about the topic earlier on the blog when all of the groups were actually creating the webcomics for class. Mostly it was just information to… Read more →

Panels and Bubbles

  Something that has been weighing on my mind since we started the webcomics is panels and speech bubbles. We talked bout panels that always work but the examples were using panels that were all the same size. When drawing, I always struggle with what size or shape to make the panels and where to put the speech bubbles. First… Read more →

Anime Fillers Ruin Manga Adaptations?

Here’s a million dollar question:  Why are there so many fillers in long running anime?   An anime is typically adapted from another source material. Usually it’s either a manga (like Naruto or World Trigger), a light novel series (like Kyoukai no Kanata), or even visual novel/computer game (Little Busters!, the When They Cry series). When adapting a manga into an… Read more →