Author: dahlia

Comic to Reality

Last Wednesday, my group and I had a blast walking around campus trying to contort our bodies into position for the Donald Duck frames. The assignment questioned whether or not it was possible to project our reality into the comics while keeping the same essence of meaning and movement. While it is was not possible to completely copy the page… Read more →

Katsuhiro Otomo’s Warning

Each dystopian story dreamed up by its visionary, whether writer, illustrator, or auteur, cries out a warning for the possibility of a bleak future. The stunning manga Akira, also adapted to film, by Katsuhiro Otomo introduces the protagonist Kaneda riding through Neo-Tokyo into the desolation of Old Tokyo — the city ruined by the nuclear attacks of Third World War. Neo-Tokyo, glossy and… Read more →

A Comic Within A Comic – That’s So Meta

The relationship between the plots of Tales of the Black Freighter and the developments in Watchmen is one of the most interesting features of Watchmen. It was clear to me that the role of Bernie sitting at the news stand, where breaking news is related but doesn’t occur, was made to separate the pirate tale from the action while acting as a foil for… Read more →

This Hero is Just a Little Different

The popular manga One-Punch Man, written by ONE and illustrated by Yuusuke Murata, draws readers in with its entertaining plot, dynamic characters, and incredible illustrations. Since the release of the original webcomic in 2009, One-Punch gained success, receiving 7.9 million hits by 2012 and having 4.5 million copies in circulation by September 2014. A recurring theme in One-punch is how it subverts the superhero archetype. Already a spoof on… Read more →

Obadiah in Two Dimensions

In The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck poor Obadiah undertakes extreme measures to win his lady love. Venturing over rivers, rooftops, and across leagues he and his love experience surreal and hilarious escapades – too bad their characters are as flat as the pages of the comic book itself. Author and illustrator Rodolpheas Töpffer directed the strip towards children and the lower social classes meaning readers should… Read more →

The Female Superhero Anatomy: Supplanting The Boobs-and-Butt Pose

The female superhero – strong, competent, and above all sexy – rises to the occasion to defeat her noxious opponent all while packing deadly weapons and wearing barely-there leotards. [T]he only “strong” in many “strong female comic book characters” are the oblique muscles required to point their ass and boobs in the same direction.  – Luke McKinne Like the unnatural… Read more →