Author: Cass

A Panel Always Needs a Frame

In this week’s reflection, I am going to talk about the class in which we discussed framing. I thought this was so interesting because it shows how much there is to discuss about the Graphic Novel genre. In taking this class I have realized that there are so much more to comics than I ever knew and looking in detail… Read more →

Do you Font to Distract Your Reader?

I know that we have been talking about font in class, and I believe someone may have published a post on font; however, I am intrigued by this discussion so I am going discuss the use of font in Graphic Novels further. I think the first time I realized the importance of font choice in comics, was just recently when… Read more →

Workout for Creativity

This past week our class has started to work on our web comics. I figured for this week’s reflection I would write about my experience with the process thus far because it is something very new to me. Thinking back on my life, I do not believe I have ever written a comic, and if I have, it would have… Read more →

Absent Color Full of Light

As I mentioned in my first blog post, my experience with comics is not very complex. So in thinking about how I would like to broaden my knowledge on “The Graphic Novel” I decided to look to the East. My sister is in love with Manga, but I have next to no knowledge on this genre, so I thought I… Read more →

Silent Silhouettes Speak Louder Than Words

In class, we briefly mentioned the silhouettes that appear in chapters five and six. I was so intrigued by these dark figures that I performed a close reading, not only of those specific silhouettes, but of the actual shadows of many of the characters throughout those two chapters. I found that there was a theme amongst the dark figures where… Read more →

Anyone Can Relate

In all honesty, my experience with comics is not as sophisticated as I would like it to be, which is why I think of myself as being placed in a “general knowledge of comics” category. Since this is the case, I wanted to discover something unique in the comic world, something that could breech my standard view of what a comic… Read more →