Author: crobert2

Weird Niches

Some of my favorite comics are not the most well known, or even commonly sought after.  These comics are in such a niche market that there are days where you might wounder why they were ever created in the first place.  These are bridging comics they play a small part in a much larger story often, seen to bridge together… Read more →


About a month ago my favorite author Brent Weeks had his first novel translated into graphic novel form.  The Way of the Shadows was translated into masterfully into this new medium however, Brent Weeks stated on his Twitter that this was one of the scariest things he has done.  This is because he is allowing someone else to draw and… Read more →

Interactive Comics

One of the greatest ideas that has been presented in comics is the crossover.  Throughout the comic universes we have seen cross overs where two super heroes from different companies team up, comics crossing over to the big screen, and into the video game industry.  The video game crossover is a truly unique crossovers experience; most games based off of… Read more →

Our Monsters

What are Monsters?   This question was posed in Lynda Barry’s What it is, meant to be rhetorical question for us to answer. The purpose of this question is to make us look at ourselves and answer questions that we might have been too afraid to ask or just not thought of. So, “What are monsters” (Barry), monsters are personifications… Read more →

A fan for all comic movies.

  When it comes to comics and movies it seems that there is no middle ground for fans, either the movie was just as good as the comics or it was terrible and should be cast off as if it was afflicted with leprosy.  This is more prevalent online than anywhere else, but is that a fair statement to make.… Read more →

Contracts with Some deity

This only has to deal with the first chapter in A Contract With God.   Let me preface this with the fact that I am not a Christian or Jewish, and those concepts of faith mean nothing to me. With that being said lets dive in, God for both of those religions is this super omniscient all powerful being.  Able to will… Read more →