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A look at alternative comics expos

A few weeks ago, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) held its annual MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City, and while I was not able to make it there this year, I hope to attend in the future. MoCCA Fest is an alternative comics exhibition, similar to the Small Press Expo (SPX) held annually in Bethesda, which I… Read more →

Batman Villains and Mental Illness

Batman’s home city of Gotham canonically contains a high-security prison. Many dangerous criminals have been incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary thanks to Batman’s crime-fighting, and various storylines (most recently the film The Dark Knight Rises) have involved those inmates breaking out to wreak havoc on the city. Another Gotham institution, however, features in more breakout storylines than Blackgate, and is much more well-known… Read more →

Horror and Humor in “Cat Diary”

Junji Ito is renowned as a prolific author and artist of horror, from individual short stories to multi-volume graphic novels. His continued success in this genre is probably due to his skill at evoking both psychological distress and visceral disgust; this is evident even in plot summaries of his stories, and his unsettling drawings greatly amplify the effect. While I would… Read more →