Author: Conor

All About That: Purity and Good Housekeeping

After World War II America was facing many social challenges still on the home front. An out cry that the youth delinquency would be the down fall of American society equal to Communism and Nuclear War. The youth culture was drastically different then that of their parents. Boys who left as soldiers came home as men, and men want wives.… Read more →

Finishing a Comic

With the closing of the group web comic I have some final thoughts, that I did not share in my final reflection. As an overall project I felt I found a new appreciation for the time, effort, and creativity in making a comic. Just like any good story there needs to be careful consideration in the characters; how they behave,… Read more →

Creativity is a Funny Thing

These past two weeks I really want to reflect on the creative process; specifically the creating of a comic. I personally also had to be using my creative juices working on a fiction piece so when I was told we would have to also come up with a comic I was a little worried at what I could contribute. When… Read more →

Boobs and Butt Kicking

Women in comic books. Now in class we had a few talks about the way women were portrayed in The Watchmen. So that got me interested in the way other females were depicted in the world of comics. My finding were not very positive unfortunately.   In the superhero world women in comics seem to be powerful women. Reading closely… Read more →


This past week we have read the Watchmen. This was the first time I have read a graphic novel that used color in its images. The past two were Contract with God and Persepolis. So something Dr. Whalen pointed out and as a class we discussed were the types of color used and the darkness that was also very apparent in the novel.… Read more →

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    I am not an expert in the world of Graphic Novels but when i watched this TED talk I was inspired to write this post. In the talk the presenter Joe Sabia told the story of how books had never evolved to be anything other then words on a page. Until Luthar Meggendorfer invented the mechanical book… Read more →