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Are graphic novels inherently dark?

An interesting point of similarity between all the stories we have read so far is the darkness or negativity found in each story. Up until this point every graphic novel we have discussed in class has had a dark nature at least in a point of it. To prove this point that I see as being so pervasive let me… Read more →

From novel to graphic novel

The most common transition between mediums tends to be graphic novels to movie or movies into graphic novels. This is of course incredibly frequently is done with super hero and action movies, however it often creeps into other genres as well. However there are other types of adaptions besides from film to graphic novel that are certainly intriguing. Particularly interesting… Read more →

The similarities of Akira and Watchmen

When I started reading Akira I noticed that there were quiet a few elements that seemed similar to Watchmen.   The similarities involve things like the bloodiness of the graphic novels, and the overtly violent nature in the whole storylines. Inside both Akira and Watchmen the characters seem to accept that they live in societies based in violence. In Watchmen… Read more →

Graphic Novels and Children

For the purpose of our course we analysis graphic novels whose target audience, so far, has been clearly for an older audience. However, graphic novels are increasingly finding a multiplying space in young children’s literature, as well as all levels of youth literature.   Picture books have always been a staple for children’s literature, for the very obvious reasons. The… Read more →

Same Scene Different Meaning  

At the end of Watchmen there was a particular panel that caught my attention. It showed the same street corner that was a center of many panels throughout the graphic novel, however it had radically changed since the stories start. There are some main differences that are important to notice between the old and new street corners. Let’s start with… Read more →

Public Domain and Comic Books  

  Copyright is key in creating a successful franchise, yet there are many comics that lack copyrights. However, just because a comic series did not have long lasting marketability does not mean that they are not incredibly enthralling or interesting to study. Comic books that are a part of the public domain are particularly interesting because of their availability to… Read more →

Little Nemo for a little audience

Last week while discussing Little Nemo Dr. Whalen mentioned how the comic never really appealed to most children despite the fact that Winsor McCay ‘s intended audience was young children. I was actually surprised to learn that Little Nemo was purposefully meant for children. The amount of near death experience Nemo faces would surely have bothered me as a child.… Read more →