Author: clairejmerenda

Problematic Protectors

Today, I was looking for themes that span across our readings for the semester. Something that hit me while I was skimming our books is the theme of flawed protectors. We see characters who take on the role of guardian or champion for someone less “able,” but there are often multiple layers to the portrayal that complicate our understanding of… Read more →

To Asterios and Beyond

While our discussion of Asterios Polyp (affectionately referred to as “Ashley’s Platypus,” “Asteroid Precipice,” and “Astedfhasg Polyasdafafg” by some of us) has ranged from fascinating to heated throughout the last several class periods, I have been wishing we could have discussed it in even greater depth. As I mentioned in class, having some idea of a theme is very important… Read more →

Some Comic Help

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 to edit and color our comic. The process has been a little crazy, but I finally found a method that worked! So I’m going to share some useful tricks I’ve been using! I’ll explain how to do them in Photoshop Elements, which is similar to Photoshop, for any of you using Photoshop in… Read more →

A Reflective Week

This past week, we’ve been doing a lot of reflective thinking as we started looking at What It Is, by Lynda Barry. Reading this book has been a real adventure. The pages are chaotic and confusing collages of strange images, handwritten text, and snippets of old papers. The seemingly random text samples are often edited to say something that Barry… Read more →

A Deeper Look at CwG

This week, we’ve been looking at Will Eisner’s Contract With God! One of the consistent themes we discussed were the use of visual elements to enhance meaning. I’m going to review some of our discussions on this topic, adding a few of my own examples. One instance of this was the use of lettering to add tone to the words or otherwise enrich… Read more →