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Historic Preservation Major and Digital Studies Minor. I live with a bunch of Art Majors and work at an Art Gallery.

Creating a Live Action Comic

Before we started Fun Home, we were focusing on the Donald Duck comics, more specifically the Vacation Time comic by Carl Barks. We focused in detail about how the panels were laid out and drawn, studying the sight lines of characters and the strange proportions of some of the objects within the panel. To try and get us to better engage with this… Read more →

A More Realistic Figure

A rather concerning theme that can easily be spotted throughout the comic genre is the female body being shown in a hypersexualized manner. In an industry that is primarily run by males, it is common place to see women in comic books being shown to have body types and figures that the normal women reading these comics could never achieve,… Read more →

Writing A Comic

I can easily say that our current on-going project of creating and publishing a webcomic is one of my favorite projects that I have been assigned in my 4 years of college. Creating a webcomic that could possibly be discovered by people online and gain popularity has always been one of those “should of, would of, could of” dreams of… Read more →

Yes, I Read It

I often get asked when I wear my Guardians of the Galaxy shirt if I’m just wearing it because I saw the movie or if I’ve “actually read the comic?” While I will admit that I haven’t read every one of their comics, I have read a great deal of them. The sad thing is that the majority of these questions are… Read more →


To be perfectly honest, by the time I get to the 3:00 class of The Graphic Novel, I’m pretty mentally exhausted. I’m almost absolutely certain that I’m not the only one. I also always find myself doodling during the lecture as I attempt to pay attention to the class matter and not completely let my mind wander off into space.… Read more →

A Recycling Contract?

I sort of expected that the main character of A Contract With God wouldn’t have been rewarded for doing too little of a good thing a little too late, but what I didn’t expect was the short comic added on at the end of a young boy finding the contract and signing it himself, hence restarting the plot of the story in… Read more →

How Lose is Loosely Based?

  I happened to stumble across the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service this past summer. I enjoyed the movie, the action sequences were well done, it had some great moments of humor, and by the time I landed I was so excited to tell my friends about it. After telling one of my friends about the film, they immediately asked if I… Read more →