Author: Bronze Knight

The Growth of Steampunk in Comics

  Steampunk as a genre is a hard subject to trace. There are a number of works that have elements of steampunk, but all of them predate the word itself. Works by Jules Vern and H.G. Wells are often cited as some of the first “true” works of steampunk, but even that is an arbitrary outlook as they built upon… Read more →

Vacation Photos RRS Reflection

The Donald Duck Vacation Time comic as we discussed in class makes a number of diversions from the traditional loony toons idea of all the characters being “safe”, at least from death. Some thing we did not talk about, at least not in depth, is how it functions as an educational comic   There are at least three different layers… Read more →

PS magazine comics and the Army

PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is a comic published by the U.S. Army as an additional Post Script (PS) to their technical manuals (TM’s).  From a comic book literature standpoint its importance is huge! Naturally most civilians don’t know about it, but this i believe is more because of its audience as much as anything else. PS Magazine is published by the… Read more →

The Curious details of memory.

What it is talks at length about memory. And how things (or ideas?) like thought and experience/experiences can affect memory. As we saw in the class discussion of toys one memory can trigger another, memory. But it’s not always a complete memory sometimes what we recall was simply a vivid moment in time and everything else around it is hazy and… Read more →

Comics and P&P Roleplaying

Comics and Pen and Paper (P&P) Role Playing Games (RPG) have a lot in common. Or rather they are able to play off each other. By which I mean the comic format can bring the detailed world of P&P Role Playing games to life. This can be a two way street. By two-way I mean there are instances of a story… Read more →

Text Bubbles: What Are they Even For?

Text bubbles normally contain a description of the action, the back story or dialog, but that is not all that they can contain or do. Sometimes the authors take special care to integrate the text into the art so that the graphical narrative and the textual can work alongside one another rather than compete for the reader’s attention. One version of… Read more →

Educational comics

So I found this at the bottom of an old box over the summer and I saved it because I thought it was cool. This is something that the Seeing Eye  gives to the family of the blind person that is getting a seeing eye dog. (I have it because my mom is blind and had a seeing eye dog… Read more →

Man in the Image(s) of the City

The classes discussion of Masereel, Frans The City (Die Stadt) was as diverse as could be expected from such a textless work. The distinct lack of explanation lead the reader to  form their own, which many of us did, with either a few images in a row or by cherry picking a few that were spread out to forum a narrative that… Read more →