Author: Andrew Boswell

Mary Sues and Gary Stus

If you are reading this article, you should already know about the term that is used to describe a lot of characters from various media in a bad way. The term originated in fan fiction, but it is now being used to describe every character that fits the strangely large criteria. “Mary Sue” can be used to describe characters that… Read more →

“What it is” Reflection

This week in Graphic Novel, we finished up Watchmen with a few articles before we started to touch Lynda Barry’s, What It Is. At first glance, this book seemed very out of this world, very different. It felt like I peeking into someone’s head and observing how their imagination works. I also find it a bit strange that we have… Read more →

The Killing Adaptation

I noticed that there was already an article about  Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, but this article will be touching on some other points. You may know that an  animated adaptation for this graphic novel is coming up next year, but all we have for now are a few references to the novel and some scenes recreated in a few of… Read more →

Reflection on the Will Eisner Readings

This week of class we analyzed three of the four stories in Will Eisner’s A Contract with God. Each of them have their own meaning and various layers that we can inspect, but I still end up being very conflicted in the end. More so with The Street Singer and The Super.  With The Street Singer there are signs of the main character trying to… Read more →

“Shouldn’t have eaten those shrooms man.”

Have you ever found some magic mushrooms under your floorboard or in a gift box inside your drawer? Did you try them and immediately rewrite the past? Hopefully not, but we wouldn’t notice anyway. Just like how no one besides Katie knew that she was changing the past in the graphic novel, Seconds, but this article isn’t only about crazy trips that shrooms can cause.… Read more →