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Stress on top of stress

In Evelyn’s reflection of “Seen and not…Read?” I couldn’t help but agree with her. We really did have so many different ideas for our comic and we really were excited to delve into our ideas to show the class what we had in mind but like she mentioned, “it made me realize that while graphic novels give the writer incredible… Read more →

Representation through Visual Designs

Dive into a world shrouded in hues of arctic blue or explore a realm grounded in soft orange, dipped into red. In Elegy of a Dead World you are an explorer sent out into space to explore and discover three post-apocalyptic visual interpretations of poems by three Romantic poets: Byron, Shelley, and Keats.

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Oh, so a comic?

Most westerners know what Manga is, even if they have never read it before they know the premise and will mention something on the lines of describing it as a ‘Japanese comic.’ Because we westerners knew manga so wellI—or at least well enough to know what it is—I assumed that maybe the Japanese knew the term, Graphic Novel. Turns out,… Read more →

A Visual Novel I’d Rather Forget

I really don’t know how it happened, but it stared with me working at GameStop and noticing we received used PS Vita’s in at only 139$. After trading in some games, using a 15$ coupon and then adding on my employee discount, that 139$ transpired into 6$. I was super excited for the system because unlike most, it’s not region… Read more →

How Hard is it to Say, Spoiler Alert?!

I don’t want to say Watchmen was ruined for me, but my enjoyment was hindered due to someone spoiling a major/minor part of the graphic novel. I understand the comic came out in 1986 – 1987 and the movie came out in March of 2009. So, in the Spoiler’s defense maybe I should have read the comic or seen the movie… Read more →

Wanting to Escape and the Need to be Understood

America has always found ways to cope and escape through different kinds of media. In the 1890’s the initial euphoria of film had people entertained and then in the 1920’s-1930’s film became a means of escaping the crippling economy and depression that loomed all around. To watch a movie during this time was to know that despite all the ups… Read more →

Little Nemo and his influence

It’s one thing to create beautiful art. It is a whole other thing to create art that inspires people around you. When reading through the fantasy adventure of Nemo in Little Nemo in Slumberland I thought that the images reminded me a bit of Dr. Seuss and his style of illustrations.  Mainly how bizarre and imaginative they were.  After a bit of… Read more →

Too gory for Japan?

You sit in front of you television with your controller in hand, palms sweaty. You knew this moment was coming—a character is about to die. The blade inches closer and closer to the characters abdomen and you are already cringing but you can’t look away. The spinning blade is seconds away from cutting into flesh when—the screen goes black.

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