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The Censoring of Comics

While not every book is for everyone, I don’t believe anyone has the right to spoil other people’s fun. If a person thinks a book is pornographic and refuses to read it that’s their personal choice but why do so many feel compelled to try and force everyone to see it like that? Why should everyone be forced to stop… Read more →

Why are People Buying more Comics?

While the sales of graphic novels and comics have been hitting a new high, it’s the print copies that have had a major upshot! “The comics and graphic novel market hit another new high for the century in 2014, and a new high since the mid-90s, according to a new joint estimate by Comichron’s John Jackson Miller and ICv2’s Milton… Read more →

Akira Then and Now

I remember being in high school and going to the library during lunch. The manga and comics were placed in the corner of the library in a small little room smack dab next to the classic novels. I’d glance over those but my main focus was what took up a majority of the shelf space. Something I always came across… Read more →

The Game of Adaptation

Don Quixote, Metamorphosis, Infinite Jest. These are just three novels that have been adapted visually by those who have a vision. A vision of how certain characters really look, when descriptions in the novel of their choosing isn’t very clear or just ignored by one’s imagination. There have been hundreds of graphic novel adaptations done and many more continue to be… Read more →

Keeping Shakespeare Relevant

William Shakespeare’s plays have been around for 400 years or so and while there have been a multitude of movie/stage adaptations of the Bards famous plays, graphic retellings haven’t shared the same spotlight. While not as numerous, there have been a fair number of Shakespeare’s tales and language conveyed through a new medium, the comic and/or graphic novel. Starting with… Read more →

From Comics to Cartoons

  Watching Winsor McCay’s animations, Gertie the Dinosaur and How a Mosquito Operate, unless I had been told I wouldn’t have guessed it was done by the same author as Little Nemo in Slumberland. But watching them alone I would have guessed they were done by someone either super interested in writing a comic strip or a previous author. These animations came… Read more →

Two Sides to a Comic

It’s said that there is two sides to every story but how often has that saying been applied to the world of graphic novels? To create two separate stories based on one event isn’t something I have seen in the graphic novel world before this. Certainly a series can have many volumes, sometimes giving an alternate perspective but when one… Read more →