Author: alliecat

“Someone has freed the lunatics;” Comics and Depictions of Mental Health

Comic books and graphic novels have a unique opportunity to explore mental illnesses, through their visual and textual elements. Often though, mental disorders are used simply to give villains a reason to be villainous. In 2011, the NY Times published an article hoping that DC’s new releases would address characters with proper labels and be more aware of how they… Read more →

Digital Comics vs Paper and Pencil

Like some other students, I came into class with little knowledge of the comic realm. While discussing and exploring digital comics, I came across an interesting article about the possible future of comics due to the influence of the digital world. There are some things that digital comics do that are cool. Gach, the author, worries about music in comics,… Read more →

Race in the Watchmen

For the first time, I am reading the Watchmen. It is everything that I was promised- mysterious, dark, morbidly fascinating. But I realized that the first character who isn’t Caucasian, is the African American who reads ‘The Black Freighter’ who first shows up in chapter 3. Is there significance in the fact that none of the superheroes have dark skin… Read more →

Eisner’s Eyes

One of the most striking characteristics in Eisner’s A Contract with God  is the intensity Eisner draws in the eyes. Frimme Hersh’s eyes are downcast as he comes home from his daughter’s funeral and it is not until Frimme accuses God of not following their contract that we see his eyes. And man, are they creepy! Throughout Eisner’s works in… Read more →