Author: alainazitzmann

Bystander Apathy

While Watchmen does not provide the full (or correct) story of Kitty Genovese, it does, however, show characters who seem to have been affected by this phenomena. If the Bystander effect, or apathy, were practiced by the main protagonists of Watchmen would hardly be prevailed upon to act in heroic ways. In fact, the entire cast of ‘heroes’ seemed to have formed based… Read more →

Picture Book vs. Graphic Novel

I remember when I first learned to read avidly pulling down from every library shelf an assortment of Dr.Seuss books, equally excited over both the stories and the pictures. While books like Watchmen and Fun Home may be a far cry from those more innocent stories, there are some similarities. Namely, both sets of books follow a narrative with the… Read more →

Mr. Sandman meets Little Nemo

While I would never pretend that Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman appear very similar, I could not help but think of how both authors depict the “dreamworld”. In class we talked about panels that we found to be disturbing or ‘trippy’, and I couldn’t help but make comparisons with how dark and haunting both graphics are. Sandman, a far more modern spin… Read more →

Banned Books

Hearing the words “banned book” nearly always brings about the comparison to Fahrenheit 451, and how closely banning and burning seem to be. Graphic novels are no exception on the long list of literature that finds itself each year on a library’s chopping block; perhaps, often, more so do to the very medium in which it represents its entire story.… Read more →