Author: aclegg

Trivial Pursuit Reflection

Over the past few weeks, my webcomic group has been constructing a comic detailing Ferdinand Magellan’s navigation around the world in search for his father’s last hidden treasure. I figured I would reflect on this experience, in further detail than our “reflection” papers. When the groups were initially established and the job descriptions were originally read, I knew immediately what… Read more →

Campaigns Within Graphic Novels

Like every week, I sit in my room and contemplate “what can I bring to the table in regards to discussion about graphic novels.” Most of the time I’m stumped, but this week I was scanning my room for inspiration and my eyes caught my textbook “Political Communication Campaigns.” It got me thinking! Outside of political cartoons, are comics used… Read more →

Politics in the Form of Comics: Appropriate?

Political cartoons can be dated back to the 18th century, originating as part of the editorial column. However, along with simple single panel cartoons, politics has been taken to a grander scale such as Persepolis or Maus. Both of these graphic novels have become world famous for their distinct perception of reality. To put the Iranian Revolution and the Holocaust… Read more →

The Story Beneath the Story

This disassembly project we were assigned in class might have been one of the most fun projects I’ve had to do thus far. It gave me the opportunity to fiddle around with photoshop, something I had not done since high school. The assignment really got me thinking about what goes on inside of an authors mind when creating a comic.… Read more →

Snapping the Undertone of “Graphic Novels”

I recently switched my major from a hard science to Communications and Digital Studies. Now into my junior year, I’m a little tight on time in terms of completing my new found major. While registering for classes, ENGL 386: The Graphic Novel popped onto my radar as a class that seemed 1) interesting and 2) a major elective. I enrolled. … Read more →