Author: aallen13

It’s Time To Let Go

People have a tendency to hold on to the past for many reasons, but sometimes people need to let things go and move on with their lives.  No matter how hard you try to hold on to the past, it’s best to let things be because sometimes those memories can consume you.  After reading Jeff Lemire’s newest graphic novel, The… Read more →

When There’s Trouble You Know Who To Call

While I was thinking about what my next blog was going to be about, I began to daydream about my relationship to the comic world. I thought about the comics I’ve read and some of their TV shows, the one comic turned TV show I watched religiously was DC Comic’s Teen Titans which aired on Cartoon Network. Before the animated… Read more →

99 Ways to Tell A Story…Again

99 Ways To Tell A Story Exercises in Style, by Matt Madden is a graphic novel tells the story of Matt and his friend Jessica’s late night working.  Seems like a standard story, however, it is told 99 different and unique ways.  The 99 ways range from: Superhero, How-To, a map, point of view from a voyeur, parodies of other… Read more →