Do The Slow And Steady Really Win The Race?

If you had a week to put out a chapter of a comic would you be able to do it? Maybe you can, but the majority of the western comics (excluding webcomics) release the next part of their stories after a month or so. They usually have different writers and artists as well, so the story may not flow like it did before and the art might throw you off for a bit. For manga, the majority of the creators release a new chapter of 15 or so pages just about every week, while a few others release monthly, but with 40 or so pages compared to western comics with 30 or so pages every month.

Here we have the schedule of a manga artist

You may have already guessed that the work schedule and ethic is pretty different between the east and the west. You would be correct as many manga artists actually don’t get much time off due to the weekly releases. That leaves them with about two and half weeks off for a vacation because of national holidays. Working for many hours to release a new chapter weekly can really affect one’s health as shown by various manga artists who end up getting ill after they get deep into the plot. The writers and artists for western comics get more time off due to the fact that most comics change writers and artists whenever they see fit. That’s good to make sure that they don’t over exert themselves, but the story suffers greatly for it because of the change.

I enjoy reading both manga and comics, but when the writing and art direction suddenly changes, it throws me off a bit. The same can happen to manga as well if the original creator decides to not work on it anymore or they were out ill for long enough to not remember important details or how the narrative is paced. In the end, comics and manga work flow have their ups and downs, so it doesn’t really matter who “wins the race” as long as we enjoy what is created for us.