One Last Hoorah

As our Final Project donned upon us, I began to reminisce about this past semester studying comics, graphic novels, comic art, and all of visual literature. Being my first class involving this information I have to say the first couple weeks were very challenging. Will Eisner’s A Contract with God  threw me out of sorts for sure. It’s complex narrative and deep meanings combined with artwork to drive it to a very interesting first read for me. This was the first step of difficulty in the class was being able to combine reading text along with visual art, and to be able to piece it all together in a comprehensive way. Discussing in class also was very interesting since I didn’t think I had much to add into class discussion being in a class full of well learned students of this topic. However, by the time we started reading Watchmen and Akira I began to be able to piece together all of this information together and start to feel more comfortable with it. Class discussions felt more easy and understanding and i had made some great friends in my back corner that happened to be in my WebComic Group. The WebComic group is what truly gave me the appreciation of effort and talent put into all comic art, comic literature, and everything surrounding it as I mentioned in my other Reflection. After and during the comic I felt like a comic genius but what really grabbed my attention was the history and uprising of comics. I’ve always been a history buff kind of guy but it fascinated me. I even decided to do this Final Project on the history and cultural impact of comics because I had to learn more about it! Overall this course has given me a newfound respect, a new outlook, and a new fascination with comics and all that surround it.