History can be interesting?

I really enjoyed Fun Home, the style and story of it, and while March is similar because they are both grounded in fact the change in tone was a little jarring at first. Nonetheless I am liking March. The art is not only beautiful to look at but it is very well thought out and purposeful. It expresses a lot of emotion and does a wonderful job of getting across the feeling of each panel. I think out of everything we have read so far this semester I appreciate March’s art the most. On the other hand the writing style is not quite my cup of tea. Someone described it as being like a documentary and I think that is very fitting. It does have more of a narrative than most documentaries and I am thankful for that but it is still a bit too detached from the action. It is not too much of a problem though and I would not even necessarily call it a flaw, I actually think it fits the well with the story, it is just not my personal preference. It is not stopping me from enjoying the plot though. I have always liked learning more about the personal parts of history more than just names, places, and dates. The Civil Rights Movement is also one of the most interesting times in American history to me and I really enjoy finding out more about its complex nature. March does a pretty good job of representing some of the more dominant views held by civil rights leaders at the time. The philosophy of the era is very interesting to me and I also think it is important to learn about, not just the events. March also does a really good job showing the horror and violence that was occurring. It found the right balance of upsetting but not grotesque. Overall I think March might be my favorite graphic novel we have been assigned.