My take on censorship

After scrolling through the blog I noticed a lot being said about censorship due to our discussions about Fun Home this past week during class. I thought I would give my input on the topic of censorship. I feel that censorship is extremely tricky. One side being that you shouldn’t deprive someones learning due to discomfort. For instance obviously the holocaust was egregious and  could make someone feel uneasy, rightfully so  I might add. I think it’s hard to ban any holocaust related materiel just because it makes someone uncomfortable. If in this hypothetical example anything holocaust related was banned then the ignorance would become overwhelming, with so many people in the dark about such a tragic event due to sheer discomfort. Furthermore according to factmonster Anne Frank’s diary is one of the top books banned.  I feel like the whole reason to actually read this is so that one gets an individualized perspective of what happened and depriving someone of that knowledge is unnecessary. It serves as a medium to make her side of things more humanized opposed to historical deadpan facts. This is appalling because it gives a bubble around the community that choices not to indulge in it and maybe expand their minds, look at things from a different perspective, which could be said about any controversial piece of work not just Anne Frank’s diary. On the other hand though if someone does not want to read something due to a legitimate reason, it is pretty totalitarian to enforce this. So I do see both sides of this argument but in the end I think I would lean towards eliminating censorship with still accommodations towards the individual that  does not want to read said material. I also feel like there are many ulterior motives as well to ban a piece of work. For example the book we talked about in class about the gay penguins, called And Tango Makes Three could potentially be banned because it challenges certain viewpoints that do not conform to their own. One fear could be is that it could put ideas into the children s head about homosexuality which is pretty absurd in the first place because free thinking should be encouraged not dismissed. So all in all censorship should be eradicated if it’s within a group of people that can think on their own. If they feel uncomfortable then they can simply walk out, the topic of discussion will change as time goes on so it accommodates everyone. Those who want to learn and those who could feel (rightfully) uncomfortable.