Fun Home: A Reflection

The other day, when the class divided themselves into groups to talk about Fun Home, my group seemed to go on tangents about the novel, not really sticking to the questions. However, those tangents allowed our group to talk about things that we probably wouldn’t be comfortable talking about if the entire class was there. I mean sure, we ended up sharing what we talked about, but we kept some of the stuff we talked about to ourselves. This graphic novel has a lot of topics that are stillĀ  kind of taboo to talk about, for example, the implied pedophilia of the father, and the sex scenes.

Another interesting thing our group talked about, is how the story line of Fun Home follows Modern British Fiction queer literature. In queer literature during that time, there could only be tragic endings for the lovers, whether it was through murder suicide, or one being ‘healed’ of their homosexuality and the other one dying, there was always something tragic. Fun Home follows this by the father dying, but it is unclear whether it was suicide or an accident because not even the author is sure of it. However, the novel still plays within the lines of modernism even though it is classified under a contemporary time period.

The other topic the group talked about was how the taboo topics play a role into the book being a controversial book, as well as band in some cases. Someone in the group talked about how we take for granted that we go to UMW, where the campus is pretty sexuality friendly, and that books like Fun Home, can be talked about inĀ  a way that probably a major university cannot really talk about. Since UMW is a pretty liberal school and sometimes we forget that until we read stuff like we do and read about controversies surrounding said book and we are brought out of our UMW shell and have to think like other universities think.

Fun Home is a graphic novel that I honestly could not put down. I wanted to see what else was in store for the novel, and I believe that it is a graphic novel that more people should read about of the surrounding controversy as well as open themselves up to other ideas of graphic novels besides superheroes. I would recommend this graphic novel to people and tell them to go in with an open mind and come back with open ideas to talk about, to help enlighten others about what they think about it.