Colors in Comics

Many times when we read comics we don’t take the time to pay attention to the colors that are associated with entities in the comic world. We sometimes lose ourselves in the plot and tend read at such a pace that we lose sight of the detail that is in the comic. It’s hard to step back and look at a comic from the lens of trying to understand what the artist was thinking when they originally drew and colored the comic. I have began to look back and see how colors have been interpreted in comics over the years. I looked at the Comic Book Color Palettes article to see what I could find.


The article gives a listing of colors that ave been used and what they have been associated with. It was really interesting to see the differences of what I think the colors would mean and what the article presents. I agree with the idea that black represents or is used in relation to “bad guys” or villains. With the exception of Batman, even of the main color isn’t black, one can find many shades of black and/or a lot of shadows. Other colors associated with the evil or dark side are unnatural green, dark blue, purple, and blood red.



When I think of white, I think of purity, but the article suggests that it deals with “Messiah types.” I definitely understand this and can see that white can be used in that way. One of the most interesting things about this article was that it asserted that black was a color that can also be associated with “good guys.” It states that, “the reluctant hero can be found in black most times.” This is evident when we focus on the aforementioned Batman. He dresses in mostly black and his sign is usually colored with yellow as well. Some of the colors that are also associated with the “heroes” or “good guys” are bright red, gold, pink, blue, and brown.



The article also included examples of comic characters and the colors that were used to create them. It exclaimed that comics using red an blue were Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain America. Those using blue and yellow are X-men comics. Two using red and yellow are Iron Man and Daredevil. Lastly, green and purple were used in Green Hornet and Incredible Hulk. Just thinking about all of these, understand how comcs used colors to help portray the senses of good in evil in the comic world. When thought of as a real with all comics being constitutive, one can see how the two sides or sets of colors are evident. Lingering in the back of readers minds forever will be the good guy colors and the bad guy colors.

The article also had a comparison between DC and Marvel in which they studied the uses of colors on the cover and those in the comic. It stated that DC used darker colors on the outside and brighter colors on the inside. It then stated that Marvel used brighter color on the outside while having a high contrast look with dark colors on the inside. The color schemes used by the two in whichever manner they chose was successful as both networks have grown and have produced many interesting comics.

When one takes the time to look at the use of colors in comics, they will be able to understand that here is a clear cut line that is used for good and bad. The colors help a lot in the development of themes of morality and immorality.