The helpful hand of comics

Reading is important. Not only does it expand your knowledge and your vocabulary but it also improves memory, develops strong analytical skills, and improves brain connectivity and function. It is necessary to create a strong mind in our young. Unfortunately most kids don’t latch on to books willingly and that’s where comic books have a good part to play. Not only can they get kids interested in reading but they can also help kids who are learning a language or even help kids with learning disabilities to read, comprehend, and connect.

dyslexia“I’m dyslexic. I could have been one of those left behind, but Comic books pulled me out.” – novelist Jay Stringer. Studies have shown that comic strips can give children a great start to reading and improving comprehension. It does this by helping them learn sequencing of events and how stories unfold in a visual way. Plus, pictures with some words are a lot less daunting then pages with a tone of words which makes kids more likely to try them out. They can even help kids with learning disabilities. Children with autism can learn a lot about identifying emotions through the images in a graphic novel. A comic book’s pages are also easier to get through and understand for kids with dyslexia and other kids who are learning the language for the first time which can be a big sense of accomplishment and could lead to wanting to read more.