Trivial Pursuit Reflection

Over the past few weeks, my webcomic group has been constructing a comic detailing Ferdinand Magellan’s navigation around the world in search for his father’s last hidden treasure. I figured I would reflect on this experience, in further detail than our “reflection” papers.

When the groups were initially established and the job descriptions were originally read, I knew immediately what role I wanted to have in this process. I’m not creative, ergo no story writing. I’m not artistic, ergo no penciling or sketching. However, I do know WordPress! Boom there it was, I wanted to be webmaster.

Once we discussed the plot and overall narrative of the story, we settled upon a theme resembling Indiana Jones. When I took to the computer, I created our site, I tried to recreate the color scheme of Indiana Jones, and our logo resembles it as well.

world-map-shape (1)

When I was creating the page, I had a little issues with the aesthetics. As you can see from the image below, I wasn’t able keep the header from overlapping the menu bar. Furthermore, I couldn’t get the menu bar to connect with the main body of the page.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.56.55 AM

Adding our logo as a header image was also attempted. The spacing and the formatting wouldn’t quite configure to my liking so I figured leaving it out.

I thought our process went smoothly. At times we were a little scrunched on furthering the story line, but that was quickly fixed with the addition of new comics.

If I had the resources, I would continue posting.