Reflection: Web Comic Process

I really enjoyed the process of making the Web Comic overall. It was really cool for me because I wasn’t directly involved in the creative process however, I saw the beginning stages of all the comics. It was also eye opening to see how many stages it took to get a Web Comic up and going. From the initial braining storming portion to the final product there are multiple people involved and a lot of time that goes into making one.


In a real scenario I can see where having multiple artists would be crucial because there is so much work involved in getting the writers vision into a tangible image. I was very impressed with the comic groups who had multiple people drawing, inking and coloring the comics. I know that must have taken a lot of collaboration on their behalf to come together and get it done before each post. For the most part the comics all looked really well thought out in plot or from an art perspective.


Another thing I realized through doing this comic is that certain platforms work so much better for getting work seen by people. For example, by having the comic based on or another social media sort of site it’s easier to share the work. I choose to host the page on UMW blogs because I had had experience with starting pages on their before however, I know now having to share your work is much easier on site where people can accidently happen upon them rather than having to really share everything yourself.  One thing that is nice about UMW blogs is that it is easy to schedule times for posts that don’t need to be posted at that moment. It gives you the option to find themes that work well and get them downloaded.

Artist: Izzy Soble Writer: Daniel Reitwiesner
Artist: Izzy Soble
Writer: Daniel Reitwiesner