The Duck Comic

During our Wed. class we were separated into groups and assigned to recreate a page from the Donald Duck vacation comic. The actual frames in the comic look like they would be easy to do. One has Donald and a Deer butting heads while another has a Bear running away from a fallen camera. The mechanics of the scenes appear easy. In reality, it was very hard. While looking at the frames and the positions of the characters we realized that it would be hard to enact these things. The way that hands were reaching and the angle of character’s heads were not realistic when actual real life people tried to do it. This made me think about how comics are turned into movies today. The impression is that because comic look almost like story boards it should be easy to make movies and TV shows from comics. Noel Murray wrote that, “comics of all kinds often vary perspectives from panel to panel, in ways that would look choppy and visually incoherent if a movie did the same”. I believe that during our time trying to recreate the Donald Duck comic, we found that quote to be true. Adaptations between comics and real life are not always completely true because to have an accurate portrayal would make the movie/show choppy.