Vacation Photos RRS Reflection

The Donald Duck Vacation Time comic as we discussed in class makes a number of diversions from the traditional loony toons idea of all the characters being “safe”, at least from death. Some thing we did not talk about, at least not in depth, is how it functions as an educational comic


There are at least three different layers its working on: Camping, forest fires, and oddly enough photography.

The camping advice is all fairly standard stuff but the tricks used to survive the forest fire were new to me. The Photography advice is woven into the story but little things like missing a shot due to not having your camera or not having film in your camera are show humorously and Donald takes great care in setting up two different shots, where he was clearly  thinking about framing and how the photo/print would look. Vacation Time also makes note of another issue photographers sometimes are unaware they cause which is when they ruin the fun for everyone else by wanting to take pictures of everything.