Behind The Scenes

When we as comic readers read comics, we don’t realize all of the effort that goes into getting the comic published. Since we have been granted the opportunity to create our own web comic I have been able to understand the process. I am the web manager, so I am in charge of posting the comic online and I am able to see everything that goes into getting the comic together before it’s published. My group is doing a comic in which we hand draw the animations and the frames. Then the text is added via gimp and the comic is uploaded to Tumblr.

There are many obstacles that can happen which can delay the timing or rhythm in the process of producing the comic. In our short time of making a comic we have endured some of these tribulations. For instance, if a picture doesn’t save in the correct format on the flash drive before I get it to upload it, the timing will be thrown off. I then will have to contact the writer and have them re-save the image and send it to me in some way. Another example would be if the artist couldn’t find a time to get the drawings to the writer, the process could be slowed or pushed back a day or so. There is a lot of stress that is added by these difficulties. My group has encountered a few of them, but we were able to push through.

It’s easy to get so caught up in reading the comic that we don’t even understand what happens in the production of the comic. While some might feel that it’s not the reader’s job to realize the behind the scenes in comic making, I feel that it should at least be taken into consideration. It’s part of the craft and therefore it should be appreciated. If everyone truly understood how much went into publishing a comic, I think they would be able to enjoy them more. I also feel that it gives the reader a sense of value to the comic. It gives the comic an overall impression of purpose and equality.