The Frames Movement

One of the things that we were analyzing was the structure of a panel in a graphic novel. The panels in a graphic novel aren’t just meant to be a panel holding an event, action or moment. They were designed to guide the reader in a way so that they can follow the continuation of the action in a graphic novel. Some ways this is evident is when you look at the shape of the panels show movement in certain directions. Shapes like parallelograms and other certain shaped polygons play a huge role in pointing in the direction that the graphic novel is going towards.


The frames create a flow to not only the actual novel, but also the moves the story that is being read in the same direction. Another example of exotic panel structure is a circle panel. This structure of panel can work great like how its used Donald Duck in Vacation Time or an example that could of been bad if the order of the panels weren’t written in the order the author intended it to be was in the Thanksgiving issue of Little Nemo in  Slumberland. This shows us how important the structure and shape of panels in graphic novels is.