Bucky Bug: Disney’s Lesser-Known Hero

After talking about Disney comics in class, it was interesting to learn that Disney comics range much further than just the standard characters that have come to epitomize the very Disney franchise. For seven decades, Disney has been producing comics for the masses and even managed to create specific protagonists solely for the comic realm.

One of the most famous creations, and the first character to ever debut outside the furiously popular Mickey Mouse comics, was Bucky Bug.

buettner_carl_wwdc50-03 Bucky_bug


Most often drawn by Carl Buettner, Bucky Bug began publication in 1932 and subsequently ended in 1950. The main characters, Bucky Bug and his friends:  June Bug, Bo Bug, and Grandpa’s Bootle Beetle, to name a few, could have easily resembled “Mickey and the Gang” (just in bug form).



The characters often spoke in a rhyming verse. This could be to provide a sing-song rhythm and give off the “childlike whimsy” that is maintained by the Disney name. While the premise of the comic strip maintained around Bucky Bug moving to Junkville and getting into various adventures may seem mundane, Disney created a comic character that enabled them to pave the way for lesser-known characters to have a tale of their own.