Allow Me to Brag a Bit

This week I want to brag a little bit about our comic group for Social Butterfly, specifically with regards to our line artist and our color artist, Sebastian and Kelly respectively. Sebastian has a true talent for drawing, and our comic is certainly a testament to that idea. The personal style shown has a unique look with a bit of an anime undertone in my opinion, and it is such a cool thing to get to see and be a part of. Kelly is also talented in her field with a great eye for shading and textures. The comic is beautifully drawn as I mentioned before, but the color just brings it all together.

For those that don’t know, our webcomic has been following the life of a college girl, Kaitlyn, who has the added burden of her imaginary friend, a butterfly named Byrd, constantly hovering around and getting in the way. While Byrd’s intentions are innocent, the consequences for Kaitlyn are real, so it is certainly an awkward position to be in. This being said, the most important of the comic is the design of how Byrd looks in each comic. We all wanted Byrd’s colors to change and even the patterns on her wings to differ, so Sebastian has been awesome about keeping the designs fresh and intricate, while Kelly has been hard at work coloring and patterning Byrd’s wings in order to give the most vibrant and eye catching look possible.

This webcomic experience is one that I have truly enjoyed being a part of, and I will be sad to see it end for sure. I wouldn’t be opposed to even continuing to post a new weekly installment after the project was completed…