A new appreciation for the graphic novel

As our comics are wrapping up this week and we are presenting them on Friday, I feel it necessary to reflect on the process and my newly acquired appreciation of writers and artists that construct the graphic novel. At the first thought of constructing the comic I thought it would be just an overall fun experience. Although it has been a challenging experience when the final product was done it was really rewarding to see our creation. For our comic, Who Runs the World, we had three people (Audrey, Catalina, and myself) as the story writers and two drawers (Danielle and Max). The script writers would first write the script on a google doc that every member of the group has access too. Then after we would finish writing the script, the drawers would go in and read it and then draw up a sketch of the page for that week. Working on the google doc was actually quite productive and a great way to collaborate. On the doc we could actually see where the story line was going to go and what changes we need to made. The drawers would then ask us more specific questions and then show us the sketch. The sketches were always amazing. The one thing that amazed me was how different each member’s perspectives were. I envisioned something totally different when I was writing the script. When the drawers showed the sketch I was blown away and thought the way they say it was so different but even better than mine. One thing that I thought was difficult was taking the story line for that week and crushing it down to fit all on one page. There was so much detail and story line to capture in the comic for each week it became very important to us what exactly to put on the page. We would write chunks of the story line but then realized we had to stop so the drawers were not overwhelmed with what to capture. Having five people constructing a single comic would seem like way more than enough people. But after this project I realized how much detail and time goes into these comics. I read a short post about constructing comics that extends my points as well. Detail is everything. One change in any aspect of the comic can change its whole meaning and intended interpretation. Also, it takes a lot longer to draw these comics than it does to write the story line. I often found myself getting really into the google doc and the next thing you know we had two pages of story line that needed to be condensed into a single page. From constructing this comic I have a new appreciation for time. Our group agreed we would post on Mondays and Wednesdays, not thinking that there is only a day in between. The drawers definitely needed a lot more time between the posts to make their final touches. Especially since we all have other classes on our agenda to worry about on top of the comic it definitely is challenging. But one of many things that I have learned from this project is a newly found appreciation for comics in terms of the story line and images. Each and every detail counts. We spent many hours changing, re-sketching and perfecting the comic to be the best and make it something the whole group thinks is amazing. Creating a comic, rather than just reading for enjoyment, I really got an understanding of how hard yet rewarding it is.