Transmedia, Superhero Movies and Comic Books


Over the years, storytelling has expanded across multiple types of media. This idea of transmedia content has greatly affected the world of comic books and how we see our favorite characters.

Avengers_Assemble_TV_series Cover_of_Avengers_Assemble_1

These days new superhero movies are coming out every year that bring a light to characters that were only before found in comics. When producing movies like The Avengers or Ant- Man, Marvel provides a new take on their characters. Producers have to find a way to come up with new things that will appeal to people who have read the comics and the new viewers, because of this, characters and worlds change with the public’s reaction to it. We then start to see new content in the form of comic books that is based on what we see in the movies. For instance, The Avengers film features a select few Avengers from the comic books and because of the movies, these Avengers have more comic books focused on them and even a cartoon about them based on the movie depictions. The movies created greatly affect how a character is perceived after the movie. New comics that appear after movies will sometimes show a character drawn with the face of an actor/ actress that played them, drawing movie viewers to start to read content in different ways. Comic book readers will watch a movie or a show because it features their favorite characters but new viewers will come to see a movie or a show and then wish to find more content involving the characters that they love. Telling comic book stories in a transmedia way brings new fans to the genre of comic books. They start to read the old stories of their favorite heroes and there is a new influx of comic book fans.

Th retelling of stories in a transmedia way is beneficial for the comic book industry because nowadays, there are many different ways of showing media, films being a very prominent way. Producing comic book movies is important because it brings the fans back to the comic books themselves.