Reflection 2 Sara Francis

Akira, from what I can see, did not become famous for its characters. I don’t find any of them all that compelling.  Keneda is not that smart, not really that interesting, what I find interesting is the mysterious plot and, what I assume is the reason that we are studying this text, the artwork. The dark, dirty city is highlighted by the black and white artwork.  I can understand the choices of the characters that the author has chosen, they are more plot motivators to show of the scenery and the tone of the future.  Keneda doesn’t offer many traits that invoke sympathy. He has no compelling intentions to keep him in the plot, he just wants to chase women and beat up people who have done him wrong. The only thing about that’s slightly redeemable is his very strong, if not somewhat twisted, sense of loyalty to his gang members that seems to come and go as he pleases. Keneda is more an accidental warrior than a hero.

What’s been taking up most of my time has been this webcomic. We’ve been working on a lot fo extras and to make the website look like a more professional. We’ve been feeling the pressure of the deadline of Nov 6. My group is rushing around to rush up the system we have going.

As I am sitting her writing the script to the fifth comic and learning about serial killers, I’m still contemplating the definitions of words. As we did in the Games and cultures class. The definitions of arts and texts as stated in class, but there every time there seems to be a limit, a wooden fence that the concepts are allowed to roam in, there always seems to be a new construction project to make the field larger.