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After reading Akira in class and also watching scenes from the movie it got me thinking about a different style of adaption. Inevitably with manga comes anime shortly followed by live action. Live action is where real characters are living in the animated worlds we love so much, the catch is that even the settings are no longer animated. (in most cases) After looking into some live action I have found that it is hard to actually do it justice. One major issues is that some charters are drawn in a specific way that putting them into live context makes it look very goofy. piccolloThat is supposed to be the demon king piccolo. His antennas look very distorted and he overall looks nothing like the one I would expect, even though i’m holding low standards to begin with. That whole movie had a bunch of characters that look nothing like what they are supposed to that it really proves my point. For example when you think of Goku you do not think of an 18 year old white male at high school that looks nothing like him, In fact I would bet an egregious amount of money that this is not the image you had in your head. Also consider the fact that some manga’s barely even have humans as a main character. This makes it extremely difficult to even think about making it into a live action movie, let alone actually making it. Another aspect to consider is that it’s hard to do a good job with the animation in general. Some fights in any manga/anime people fell in love with, due to crisp detail. It’s hard to actually put in these supernatural powers into a movie because we already have a predetermined bias towards the manga/anime and if it differs slightly then it’s not the same and loses credibility and appeal.Immediately you deem the movie as unfaithful. Do not discredit live action though. All I am reflecting on is that they are hard to do right, not that one can not do one right. Also the fan community soaks up live action and they actually made an Akira live action trailer.  [youtube][/youtube]

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