Creating Our Social Butterfly

As many readers of this site and fellow students of the class know, for the past week we have been creating and uploading our own webcomics to Mary Washicomics (link at the end of this reflection). This process has been really entertaining, interesting, and really enjoyable from a work stand point and also from a creative standpoint. I have mentioned before that I have never even read a comic book or a graphic novel until this class, so when we were assigned the task of making our own web comic series by reaction was a bit uneasy at first…yet that changed very quickly when I got my group. Ryland Willis, Sebastian Snider, Kelly Stanborn, and myself have gotten along since the first day of class we had to sit in a circle and start off with an exercise on trying to interpret drawings in a “telephone game” fashion (which to their unfortunate luck they had to deal with my crude stick figure drawings) and I believe that has been a huge contributing factor with this project.

Our comic is called “Social Butterfly” (link again will be in the bottom), which follows our protagonist Kaitlyn a college student and her imaginary friend “Byrd the Butterfly” as she gets through her daily life with an imaginary friend still flying around with her. Coming up with this idea, we all sat together threw tons of ideas out and really just had a blast laughing, cutting up, and smiling as we concocted what we believe is an awesome story and comic to share with the internet. The ability to have such a great and talented group, if I do say so myself, has made this process not only educational on my part, by learning so much about comics from them, but also in making the best comic possible. I think every group in our section of the class has the same thing going as well. All the groups and comics I have seen are amazing and the groups get along so well. If there is one thing I have learned from this project even in the first week is that if you love what you are doing, it’ll be a great time no mater what. I even think most comics and graphic novels we have read in this class have this same trait. The creators of these comics love what they are doing and they love to be with the people they make them with and although this project seems very fun and relaxed all the time…it can be a very tough and hard process. As noted in the “Creating a Comic” post by Lexi Darnell ( this process of writing these webcomics is very hard and drawing/coloring it can take many hours. But in the end it’s all worth it and if anyone is reading this who hasn’t made a comic but has thought of it or is considering it, do it! Even better find some friends and see what you can come up with. I promise you the process, although lots of work, is so enjoyable and fun you won’t regret it.

Be sure to check out Mary WashiComics and my group’s comic “Social Butterfly”!!!

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