Creating a Comic

When I first heard that we were doing a web-comic in this class I got very excited. I have always found web-comics fascinating, and completely tooting my own horn, have had an idea I thought would be good with one for ages, the only problem: I cannot draw to save my life. So upon hearing about the assignment, I had a feeling that my web-comic dreams were maybe about to come true; thankfully I was correct. From our very first meeting, when I told my group my idea (and to be far, they were hearing me say these for probably the twentieth time at this point), they were completely prepared and ready to go with it. What I did not expect, however, was just how hard it would be to create the comic.

I am the head writer of our group, in part because it was my idea and in part because I cannot draw anything other than stick figures to save my life. Writing for a comic is so different from any other creative writing that I have ever done. When I wrote the script for our first Sunday strip it ended up being three pages, and that was after my fellow group members did some edits for clarity and conciseness. Keeping this in mind, I went in and edited the second script that I had already written to try and bring it down in panel number. It is just something I did not even think about going in, that when writing the comic I need to make sure that my sentences are short and deliver the most meaning in the fewest number of words. I find this particularly difficult because I do really enjoy words, and writing words, which tends to lead to long-winded sentences (this sentence is actually a perfect example of that).  I find it particularly hard to edit things myself, so I am glad that my group is so willing to help me with that. Has anyone else encountered difficulties in trying to write for this medium which they may not be used to?

The other problem that has just gotten me is the actual website. It is, for some reason, very difficult to me to figure out how to get our website to function correctly. Thankfully one of my other group members started playing with it, so it is no longer something that I need fiddle with. I just do not get why wordpress is so finnicky and difficult to work with sometimes.

Even with the difficulties, it is still really awesome how well my group is working together, and what we are creating just looks so cool. It is nice to see something that I have wanted for so long actually happening, and it is nice to be working with people who care about it just as much as I do.