Writing A Comic

I can easily say that our current on-going project of creating and publishing a webcomic is one of my favorite projects that I have been assigned in my 4 years of college. Creating a webcomic that could possibly be discovered by people online and gain popularity has always been one of those “should of, would of, could of” dreams of mine. At first I was a little worried when the proposal deadline was only days away and my group had absolutely no idea as to what to write about. Then, in a late night planning session, Varya was born. With Halloween only a week away, I proposed the idea of doing a creepy story to my group mates and was a little shocked at first when they replied with excited votes for the idea. We all agreed that creepy and dark was the way to go instead of trying to follow the comedy route since we all agreed that what we might find funny might not be funny to someone else.

We all split the work pretty evenly, and as of right now have had no issues or drama within our group surrounding the writing and progression of the plot. I’ve really enjoyed doing the artwork for our comic, and seeing how excited my group mates get when I pass the sketches off to them for the writing to be added and then for it to be posted online. Even though sometimes its a little nerve-wracking to know that other people are seeing my artwork, drawing the comic itself is very relaxing and I really look forward to sitting down and drawing the next panels every week. When the first post went public on Tumblr and we watched the reblogs and follows slowly starting to roll in, I was so proud of us and of Varya because people were responding to it and by following our blog on Tumblr meant that they were interested in seeing more. It’s an amazing feeling to have something that you’ve worked so hard on be seen by other people and get attention.