Waiting for an update

My group and I have been looking at different web comics for research on how to best utilize the system and the medium. I admit I did not stay in the realm of webcomics, or comics in general. The one page a week was too much to cope with for most of them. It was unreasonable, especially compared to the chapter a week with most of my manga comics.  I’ve been in the habit of running through a manga series within a week.  It was pretty easy to absorb the information, and for this reason the twists always hit harder, the exposition is fresh so the later plot makes more sense. Reading so fast lets the hype builds up over a very short time, seeking an outlet in the form of fandom. It has lead to me

However I’ve come to appreciate the wait. The waiting for the next installment leaves for time digestion, for thought and processing.  I can also see the logic in companies wanting people to wait between installments. It can increase the hype for the story.  It allows for debate between fans to decide and speculate. Comic book writers obviously assume that what they are writing is good, so the waiting also allows for the critics to give feedback and maybe incorporate come of the criticisms.

The con to putting out separate installments is that anything can happen between the releases.