The similarities of Akira and Watchmen

When I started reading Akira I noticed that there were quiet a few elements that seemed similar to Watchmen.


The similarities involve things like the bloodiness of the graphic novels, and the overtly violent nature in the whole storylines. Inside both Akira and Watchmen the characters seem to accept that they live in societies based in violence. In Watchmen we see this through the violence common on the streets and the increased crime that Rorschach mentions. While in Akira this is easily identified through the large amount of gang violence. This is also seen in the school where the boys are physically abused by their gym teacher.


This is not to say that the graphic novels are essentially the same, there are many differences as well. Of course the art styles are notable differences as well as the way the pictures interact with the text. There are other visual variations such as color versus black and white. Other visual differences are the more straight forwardness of expression in Akira. While in Watchmen looks have more complexity and depth.Of course this is only the basics of the similarities and differences between the two works.


Lacking because it doesn’t explore the broader trends of these works outside these two specific graphic novels. Although the differences mostly out weigh the similarities, it was interesting to consider the connect between the two graphic novels. It is interesting to compare each graphic novel we read and view them as comparisons to understand the broader range of graphic novels. Graphic novels such as Akira and Watchmen go well to compare with one another, while perhaps Watchmen and What it is are much more difficult to compare.