The Movement of Manga (reflection)

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo can be said to be one of the first manga that really introduced this type of graphic novel to the rest of the world. Manga is Japanese for comic or cartoon, but according to the Websters Dictionary, in other part of the world it is known as comics that come from Japan. What really makes a Manga different from other graphic novels can be seen in the art style of Manga. A graphic novel like Batman has a more gritty realistic look to their characters. While in a Manga like Akira has a style where we can see more expressions to the characters and most manga have similar art styles. Manga seems to exaggerate the expression of the characters more than in Comics.

Akira Volume 1 Cover Japanese Version (Manga).jpg


This aspects of manga makes the story telling through each panel more dramatic and also one can sympathies with characters more because of the way they react towards certain situations. Pioneers like Akira and other manga like Astro Boy started to build the popularity and empire that manga has created today. The art style hasn’t changed much from the style that Astro Boy or Akira had, but it has been noticeably more refined and precises. Now Manga can be seen in animations such as Teen Titans which contains DC Comic book heroes like Robin from the Batman series being the leader of the Titans. The art style takes up a anime or manga like art style that shows us the major influence that Akira had by being a pioneer that introduced manga to the rest of the world or western culture.